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John Wayne, 100 plus 5

26 May 2012

If John Wayne were still living, today would be his 105th birthday. (Just 6 years younger than Bilbo Baggins was when he celebrated his “eleventy-first” birthday at the beginning of Lord of the Rings.)

Like the fictional hobbit Bilbo Baggins,”The Duke”  is ageless. Icons after all do not age. Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet, Don Juan, Zorba the Greek, and John Wayne all stand ever and always outside of time. They are indelible and indestructible.

As has been mentioned here before, google searches for “John Wayne” bring more new visitors to MontanaWriter than any other search combination. The numbers are not even close.

In honor of John Wayne’s 105th birthday,  I am posting John Wayne wallpaper and a John Wayne bookmark I created. Both have my favorite movie quote on them.

To use the wallpaper, click on the thumbnail to view the full-size, then download it.

For the bookmark, print it out on sturdy card stock, laminate it, then use it when you are reading your favorite westerns.

Happy Birthday, Duke!






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  1. Nice tribute!

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