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Book Review: Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

28 December 2010

Reviewing a page-turner is different than reviewing most books. It is both easier and more difficult. It is easier because at the bare minimum a page-turner needs to accomplish just one thing: make you want to keep turning pages. It is more difficult because for the most part finding something to praise about your typical page-turner other than its momentum can be almost impossible. It is also difficult to talk about most page-turners without giving away their best parts.

I received an advance copy of Ghost Country from LibraryThing. (For those unfamiliar with LibraryThing, you can find a link in my Links section to the right.) Ghost Country is a sequel to The Breach. When I knew that I would be receiving Ghost Country I checked out The Breach assuming that having read the antecedent would help my appreciation and understanding. I am glad I did. The Breach was a good book, better in its own right than Ghost Country, and it gave me background I appreciated having.

Ghost Country is time travel, post-apocalyptic, science fiction. It centers around a pair of devices that allow people to view and visit the future. What the scientists from a top-secret government program see when they view and visit that not-too-distant future causes them to go to the President of the United States. What they show him, leads him to try and have them killed and kidnapped. And so the story begins….

From Patrick Lee’s first book we learn that the group of scientists, and one of the main characters, scientist Paige Campbell, work for a group called Tangent that is charged with overseeing a top secret anomaly created in a fusion reactor experiment years before in an underground testing site in Wyoming. From the anomaly, called the Breach, occasional items will enter our world. The latest two to enter our world are those that help people see the future. To say more about the plot is to say more than one should about this excellent page-turner.

Ghost Country is well written, the characters clearly defined and not too one-dimensional. The science is interesting and the mystery that guides the plot is well done. Ghost Country is a sequel and the ending to the book makes it clear that we can expect more books to follow. Count me in as someone who will want to read the next installment.


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